Case Study Download: SBHF Leverages Donor Impact Report for Hurricane Relief Efforts

SBHF Leverages Donor Impact Report for Hurricane Relief Efforts

St. Boniface Haiti Foundation (SBHF) is dedicated to providing essential health services to the people of Southern Haiti. Creating urgency to help those in need is a critical element of a successful direct marketing program and SBHF did just that when the 2016 Hurricane Matthew caused the largest humanitarian crisis in Haiti since 2010.

With 2.1 million people affected, 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in the weeks after the storm, and 800,000 people at risk of hunger and starvation due to destroyed crops and food supplies, it was critical that the Donor Impact Report fused influential photos with stories that would catch the attention of donors immediately and result in action.

“Working with BCG CONNECT is always a pleasure – the team understood what we were going for with our Hurricane Relief Newsletter and executed it beautifully.”

– Liz Schwartz, Marketing & Communications Manager

In the following case study, learn more about how SBHF collaborated with BCG CONNECT to produce strong results that allowed them to provide additional health services to the people of Southern Haiti following a dreadful natural disaster.

Does your organization want to…

…incorporate infographics that show powerful statistics?

…include influential photos and stories that catch the attention of donors in a segmented donor piece?

…thank donors and show their impact creatively?

…segment data so direct mail is personalized depending on constituency?

…work with a partner who has many years of annual giving direct marketing experience?

If you answered, “Yes,” to any of the above questions, let’s connect. BCG CONNECT can help with your annual giving campaign. Connect with us to learn more!


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