Case Study Download: Wheelock College’s Successful Giving Day

Wheelock's Giving Day Case Study

As the end of the fiscal year for many institutions approaches, an integral step to future success is to evaluate what worked this year and what could be improved next year. Planning your annual fund marketing campaign is critical to the success of your institution’s annual fund.

A great way to boost alumni participation and engagement quickly is to incorporate a Giving Day into your overall strategic annual fund plan.

Wheelock College ran a successful inaugural Giving Day in 2016 and hoped to generate more interactions and participation this year. As a small, private institution located in Boston, MA, they aggressively raised their goal from 250 donors in FY16 to 500 in FY17.

Fast forward to April 1st when the giving day was over – Wheelock’s community came together to give over 760 gifts totaling more than $200,000 along with increased participation in every area of their community.

How did Wheelock have such a successful Giving Day? Find out more information below.

“Wheelock Giving Day was a great success this year and BCG’s involvement was invaluable. We received many positive responses to the direct mail pieces — they really stood out from past solicitations. Overall, the campaign surpassed all of our expectations. Thank you!”

Steve Muzrall, Assistant Vice President for Development, Wheelock College

Giving days are just a sliver of an annual fund plan. They require strategic outreach well in advance along with following the giving day. While getting donors acquired through a giving day is great, it’s important to acknowledge that these donors require a subsequent plan. All the outreach before the giving day contributed to the engagement and participation the day of – consistent engagement throughout the year is critical to the success of fundraising.

Fiscal years are coming to a close for many institutions at the end of the month and now more than ever is the time to start thinking about your overall annual fund plan. We know you’re busy. Let us help! To learn more about how to strategically craft your annual fund plan, connect with us and we would be glad to help you!


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