Why We Click – The Psychology Behind Email Marketing

Email Marketing Psychology

There’s a simple psychology behind a great call to action, especially when it comes to email marketing.

Increase your “clicks” with these simple email tips:

  • Color Matters: Use ORANGE to encourage immediate action, or BLUE to build trust and security.
  • Use 1st Person Perspective When Writing: One recent study found that there was a 90% conversion rate when the email in question was written in the 1st person.
  • Be Specific: For example, “Download the guide” is better than “Click Here”.
  • Keep It Short: The longer your text, the less of it your audience will retain. Besides, there isn’t a lot of space, so don’t try to cram a lot of text in.
  • Create Urgency: Simply adding the word “now” to your button can boost conversations.
  • Place CTA Above the Fold: Visitors spend more than 80% of their time there.

Read the Full Article from Emma for more tips, and connect with us today to share your thoughts.


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BCG Staff Writer