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Middlesex School

Middlesex School had a challenge for a current parent appeal mailer: how to highlight the number of years a donor has been a part of the community and show gift history specific to each donor.  Simplifying the guesswork of their data, and using variable data, we were able to showcase gift history if they had been a member of the community for only one year, or four.

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Proctor worked with BCG on our annual fund appeals over the past year. They immediately understood our fundraising needs and the service was beyond what I had expected. From the ease of processing to their savvy recommendations on how to enhance the impact of the print pieces, I have been pleased with the effectiveness of their work in furthering our institutional goals.

Bonny Morris
Director of the Proctor Fund
Proctor Academy


I chose to work with BCG because they had new and creative ideas for our direct mail program that not only educated and enticed our donors but that stayed within our limited budget. They are very easy to work with, always available to answer questions or just hash out ideas, and they treat your giving program as if it were their own. I am very pleased with the results of working with BCG on our direct mail program this year and look forward to continuing working with them.

Amanda Leberman
Assistant Director, Annual Giving
Hebrew SeniorLife


BCG is the strategic partner we had been searching for, they understand the art of educational fundraising, and really are the total package. They understand my needs and know how to push my donors to give. BCG inspires me to do better while helping me reach my goals. It’s like I have an adjunct office in Boston working to support our school, our community, and me.

Joan Smith Myers
Director of Advancement
The Peck School


The team at BCG is a creative and reliable extension of our own small team here at BID-Milton. They execute beautiful designs, share innovative ideas, and are so dependable when it comes to meeting deadlines. And the staff is so friendly and professional! No matter the size and scale, I never hesitate to go to BCG with a project because I know I’ll be pleased with the end result.

Kristin Donelan
Director of Annual Giving and Stewardship


BCG are not only a direct marketing firm, but our strategic partner in our annual giving campaigns. The attention to detail and care they give our campaigns year after year is unprecedented in this field. For example, when we worked with BCG to raise funds to purchase iPads for all our students, the personalization in copy and imagery they created helped us exceed our fundraising goals for the campaign. And thus we were able to purchase iPads for all existing and future students.

Alexis Baum
Director of Advancement Communications
Regis College


BCG offers fantastic customer service in addition to creative ideas and complex mailing solutions. The Amherst College Annual Fund has had a great experience working with the BCG team. From their expertise and advice around industry best practices, to the final proofing process and mailing, BCG has been a great partner in support of our dollar and participation goals.

Kristen Atwood
Director of the 1821 Society and Annual Fund Communications
Amherst College


BCG has worked with us for the last 2 years on our annual Day of Giving. Not only did we raise $100k more dollars than the previous year (a number we thought unachievable) but the year after that, we tipped the scales even more to raise $40k than the year before! Michael was amazing to work with and I can't recommend BCG more. Great people, great company, great products. You won't regret it!

Norm Rasmussen
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Newark Academy


I honestly feel that BCG has become another member of our team, rather than a company that we partner with. There really was not a single day throughout the entire year that I didn't speak with our Account Manager, Chris. He was extremely responsive by email/phone, he wasn't afraid to make suggestions where he thought would improve and/or strengthen our marketing materials, and he was very helpful in keeping us on track to stay within our marketing timeline. Reflecting back on FY17, BCG helped us create a fully integrated marketing look throughout our appeals and stewardship pieces.

Audrey Wallace
Associate Director of The BB&N Fund
Buckingham Browne & Nichols