‘Tis the Season to Ensure a Successful Fiscal Year

Successful Fiscal Year

Give Your Organization the Gift of Revaluation and Retooling

December means many things to many people, companies and organizations. Besides the obvious realization that the holiday season is in full gear and the upcoming New Year is just weeks away, to many December marks the midway point of their fiscal year.

That fact could and should translate into an ideal opportunity to reassess, to readjust, to reconsider, to react and to retool in order to ensure that the year produces or exceeds the goals set forth just a scant six months ago. Those organizations and companies prepared to react, while others shift into Holiday ‘coast mode’, are most likely to succeed.

Mid-fiscal year reports are extremely telling. Trends are being confirmed. Established monthly and mid-year goals are being met…or they’re not. Exhilaration or concern is sneaking into every day ‘at the office.’

If monthly and aggregate goals are not being met, it is likely a critical time to put a revised plan in place. There is no reason to accept disappointing year end-results next May when there is still almost a full six months to recover fully and potentially even exceed original projections. December is the ideal time to consider revising tactics.

Should the first half of the fiscal year have brought outstanding results, it may be the ideal time for a company or organization to put its foot on the gas. That might mean to increase expenditures behind the initiatives that have moved the needle beyond expectations or possibly to engage additional tactics to further ratchet up that success.

For many, things may slow down in December, but for those willing to aggressively reevaluate and react by readjusting and retooling, their greatest gifts will likely lie ahead at the close of their fiscal year.

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BCG Staff Writer