3 Ways to Amplify Your Year-End Appeal

year end appeal

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone. Many nonprofit organizations have been negatively affected, as indicated in this recent study.  In fact, “83% of organizations reported a decline in revenues, including a decline in earned revenue from events or other activities, and a reduction in individual giving and grants received.”1

Now that 2021 is officially here, many of these organizations are starting to take some time to analyze their 2020 direct mail programs to see what they can potentially change and optimize.

One of these organizations is Friends of the Children-Boston, a wonderful nonprofit that BCG has supported for many years. Friends-Boston is dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty through salaried, professional mentoring.

Here are some of the things Friends-Boston did in their 2020 Impact Report that you can try.

3 Ways to Amplify Your Year-End Appeal:

1.) Simplify your statistics

It can be tempting to overload an appeal with too much information to convey. If you’re struggling to select just a few stats, think about which ones will present the most information but take up the least amount of space. Then you can narrow it down to a handful that will help make your point.

Friends-Boston used six statistics on the second page of their year-end appeal that represent their overall 2020 progress. Their numbers reflect tangible metrics like “families” and “alumni.”

Colorful text with BCG Connect

2.) Use color (appropriately)

Color doesn’t have to be your enemy! Using appropriate brand-specific colors in your appeals is an effective and fun way to cut through the noise and grab the reader’s attention.

Friends-Boston’s year-end appeal uses a combination of bright and neutral colors that reflect their brand and are easy to read in graphs and charts.

Colorful Graphics with BCG Connect

3.) Add a “human element”

While metrics and numbers are certainly important to highlight, adding a “human element” is just as important. This can range from photos to a signed letter from faculty, or even the simple use of the recipient’s first name.

Friends-Boston’s year-end appeal had a unique approach to this by highlighting several achievers and their friends. These highlights included pictures of the achievers and summaries of their struggles and triumphs in 2020.

Using images for your year end appeal

You can see the full version of Friends-Boston’s calendar year-end appeal here. 



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1 = Independent Sector


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Christina SullivanChristina Sullivan is the former Marketing Manager at BCG Connect. She established informative content for fundraisers on the benefits of direct mail.