4 Ways to Use Direct Mail in the Current Climate

It’s no secret that direct mail fundraising has been one of the most successful strategies for education, healthcare, and nonprofits for many years.  Besides its aesthetic appeal and successful donor retention track record, it also provides the ability to deliver a concisely targeted message straight to a donor’s desk.

However, during this current climate and subsequent “work from home” culture, you may be wondering if direct mail is still an effective strategy.

In fact, it might be more important than ever to use direct mail fundraising now.

Here are 4 ways to use direct mail effectively in the current climate:

Nearly all events have been cancelled as part of the CDC’s global health recommendations. This has hurt some organizations financially as events are one of their main sources of revenue. The good news is, you can still target would-be attendees by developing a direct mail piece that speaks to them. CMO Nick Ruyon at PLF referenced recent market research that indicates 78% of CMOs said integrated, branded personalized direct mail is very effective.1

  • Use direct mail to avoid “webinar fatigue”

Webinar fatigue” is real, and the longer this pandemic lasts, the worse it’s going to get. While there are undeniable pro’s to virtual contact, an over-saturation of digital mediums has already started to develop. Who ever thought that trekking to the mailbox in pajamas would be such an exciting part of our day?

  • Use direct mail to foster creativity

We’ve been hearing it from thought leaders, mental health blogs, and even from our sequestered friends and colleagues: now is the time to be creative. Direct mail has always provided a beautiful physical form that encourages creativity and hyper-targeted messaging. A pandemic like this does not lessen that fact. Rather, it encourages it.

  • Use Direct Mail to Reinforce Your Mission and Values

Direct mail has always been a consistent way to reinforce an organization’s branding and campaign goals. But it can also convey their values, which is one of the most important things you can do at this time. Use direct mail to remind donors that you are here for them during this crisis and how that reflects your mission as an organization.

In a time in our history with great uncertainty, there is a sense of comfort in what has been tried, true and consistent. Direct mail has always dominated that concept categorically. Have confidence that direct mail’s consistent track record can provide much needed stability for your collective fundraising and communication initiatives.

Let us know your take and connect with us. We’d love to hear from you.



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Christina SullivanChristina Sullivan is the former Marketing Manager at BCG Connect. She established informative content for fundraisers on the benefits of direct mail.