Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Data is abuzz in the fundraising world right now. We oftentimes have the data at our fingertips, but how to use it properly is the trick. What’s the key to this trick? We were curious too, so our team watched The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s…
Email Marketing Psychology

Why We Click – The Psychology Behind Email Marketing

There's a simple psychology behind a great call to action, especially when it comes to email marketing. Increase your "clicks" with these simple email tips: Color Matters: Use ORANGE to encourage immediate action, or BLUE to build trust…
Milton-Nobles Challenge

Teaming Up With Your Rival School to Boost Young Alumni Participation

Noble and Greenough School and Milton Academy are rival schools that team up for an annual young alumni challenge to boost participation early in the fiscal year. The competition between the two schools athletic teams is an event that attracts…