Terms and Conditions

  1. Schedules – BCG Connect will make the best effort possible to meet the project deadlines as proposed. However, BCG Connect will not incur any liability or penalties for any delays in delivering the product or services proposed.
  2. Estimates – Estimates are offers to perform work based upon information and specifications supplied and agreed to by the client and representatives of BCG Connect. Actual charges for the project may vary from the amounts quoted in any estimate if the information or specifications change during the design and production processes.
  3. Cancellations – If the client unfortunately needs to cancel their order prior to completion of work in process (Back log), BCG Connect will assume no responsibility for the completion of the project but will be entitled to receive compensation from the client for all the work completed up to the time of the cancellation.
  4. Alterations – BCG Connect will not be responsible for any alterations to the original materials supplied, unless specifically ordered and marked up on the project proof by the client. BCG Connect is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the original material supplied by the client or their agency. BCG Connect is not liable for any fixed amount or any liquidated damages should damage occur to any original materials furnished.
  5. Examination – It is the responsibility of the client to examine and approve the data, design, and content on electronic or printed proofs upon receipt, to determine that all specifications have been met. BCG Connect will not assume any liability for errors not detected on final approval proof by the client.
  6. Ownership – All project materials, including graphic design, artwork, data, and proofs originated by BCG Connect and used in the production process, are the property of BCG Connect. Final products produced for the client by BCG Connect become the property of the client once all outstanding payments for the projects are received.
  7. Storage – BCG Connect may need to retain intermediate materials until the related product has been accepted. If requested by the client, these materials may be stored for an additional period of up to one year. Care and security will be provided by BCG Connect in an appropriate storage environment as deemed necessary.
  8. Acceptance – Client’s signature below along with the submission of work needed for BCG Connect to produce a campaign or product, constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. No other pre-printed or verbal terms or conditions will be applicable unless agreed to in writing by BCG Connect.
  9. Payment Terms – Payment terms for each project are NET 30 days. Delinquent Payments made after 60 days will be charged a 2% late fee per month.
  10. Postage – Payment for all the Direct Mail postage of each project is due prior to shipping the project by BCG Connect.

(Updated 2024 – BCG Connect, LLC)