Unsticking Your Campaign Series: Tip #1

Unsticking Your Campaign Series: Tip #1

Tip #1: The Power of the Newsletter

In this special “Unsticking Your Campaign” Series, we will focus on practical ways to “unstick” campaigns that may be on hold.

Now is a sensitive time to ask donors to make a gift. The current climate and a fast-approaching fiscal year-end is certainly not an ideal pairing. Organizations are struggling to meet their financial goals while also appropriately tweaking their message.

To counteract the ever-growing “email/social media fatigue” phenomenon, people are starting to welcome purely informational pieces.  Now that they actually have the time to read, many people are gravitating towards specific organizational news as opposed to yet another economic update.

This is where the newsletter comes in for development offices. It’s simple, informative, and incredibly customizable. It’s also a great medium to share your organization’s response to COVID-19 and how you’ve been adapting.

Here are some simple prompts to help you organize your own newsletter content:

  • What are the new learning technologies you’ve embraced as an organization?
  • How are you helping international students during this time?
  • How are your alumni and other community members coping?
  • Do you have positive anecdotes to share?
  • What are some tips to battle potential stir-craziness?

One of the best things about a newsletter is its flexibility. Some clients are choosing to include a call to action, and others are using it purely as an informational tool.

The “purely informational” route also creates a sense of goodwill. Donors will not likely feel pressured to make an immediate financial contribution, which is important to be conscious of at this time.

If you decide that some kind of action is desired, a gift slip or remittance envelope could be included as a very soft ask.

The most important thing to remember when sending a newsletter is to use it as a catalyst for your organization’s goals. Emphasize what is most relevant at this moment, and highlight topics that you know will resonate. “Feel good” updates have certainly never hurt-especially during times like these.

Here is an example that one of our clients has done. Although this was developed before the pandemic, it’s still an excellent representation of their goals as an organization and putting their most relevant news at the forefront of their communications.

What do you think about our first tip in this “Unsticking Your Campaign” series? Connect with us and let us know. We’d love to hear your feedback.


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Christina SullivanChristina Sullivan is the former Marketing Manager at BCG Connect. She established informative content for fundraisers on the benefits of direct mail.