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If you ever thought they restricted the USPS only to your mailbox, you’re in for a surprise. Meet Informed Delivery. It’s a free service that uses machine learning to deliver small snippets of actual mail inside your inbox. You get the digital version before the actual version of mail.

What’s even better is that with success from past campaigns, USPS created the 2022 Promotions Calendar for nonprofits, marketers, printers and mailers that includes this digital mailer view.

Introduction: What is Informed Delivery and How Does it Work?

USPS first launched Informed Delivery, a mail tracking service in 2014, to a small contingent of residences. In 2017, the service promoted availability to the entire US. And now this is becoming a niche service as each year goes by because of the unique blend of reaching people through multiple channels.

For example, Informed Delivery provides digital previews of your mail to eligible residential and PO Box holders. The Informed Delivery solution lets nonprofit mailers create mail and digital marketing campaigns that are fully optimized for the recipient.

Besides getting more impressions, interactions, and insights, nonprofits also can deliver timely content. Therefore, it’s used for time-sensitive notifications to donors like fiscal or calendar year end.

Above all, its subscribers continue to grow each year, and are over 44 million strong.

What are the Advantages for Nonprofits?

Our clients include Informed Delivery for their appeals to drive additional interest and a digital touch. We include a full color advertisement (ride-along), as well as a link to their donor landing page. Clients like the price tag as well. It’s free from the USPS.

Babson Informed Delivery through BCG Connect

So, the great thing is that nonprofit mailers can engage their donor base through the interactive features of Informed Delivery in 2022. Moreover, they are eligible for discounted rates.

USPS Informed Delivery Promotion for 2022

Each year, the United States Post Office offers promotions and incentives for nonprofits to use their services. This includes reduced rates and discounts. The USPS has several services that help nonprofits send mail at a reduced cost and make more money for their charity.

This year, they offer a 4% discount for nonprofit organizations that use Informed Delivery. Most importantly, this discount is available to all nonprofit organizations regardless of their purpose. This includes churches and charities, as well as other non-profit groups.

The Informed Delivery promotion runs August 1st – December 31st. Nonprofits can register as early as June 15th, 2022 for the promotion.

Understanding the Informed Delivery Process

Finally, if you’re curious how the Informed Delivery program works, contact us and we’ll help add it to your next mailer you do with us. Let us develop your next appeal creative for you. We’ll create the design and handle the communication with the Post Office to ensure they execute your campaign correctly and timely. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

With Informed Delivery service, you can digitally preview your incoming mail. You can manage your packages from a computer, tablet or mobile device via email or a USPS dashboard.

Increase Your ROI

During mail sorting, USPS® digitally images the address side of every letter-size mail piece that runs through automation equipment. USPS uses these images to provide digital notifications with gray-scale images. Users receive images of their mail in an email or posted to their USPS dashboard before the delivery of physical mail.

Below is an image from the dashboard.

Informed Delivery Dashboard


Over 44 million customers have enrolled since they launched it in 2017.

In addition, the USPS “Informed Delivery offers business mailers the opportunity to engage users through an integrated mail and digital marketing campaign that generates additional consumer impressions, interactions, and insights.”

You can do these two ways. Replacing the gray-scale image with a “Representative Image” of the mailer and including a “Ride-along” image. The representative image is not clickable or interactive, however, the ride-along image is and contains a call to action. Regardless of the images, a single target URL is required to conduct an interactive campaign.

Informed Delivery Ride Along


How Can You Improve Your Direct Marketing Efforts?

As a fundraiser, sending out appeals and other communication with additional digital components can only enhance your overall campaign visibility.

The bonus it is free from the USPS.

Below is how one of BCG Connect’s clients used this digital platform within a recent campaign:

BCG Connect Informed Delivery

Result: Using Informed Delivery drove additional clicks to our client’s website and allowed for further engagement with their donors and prospects.

Interested in trying Informed Delivery for your next campaign? We can set it up for you. Not a client yet? Contact us today!


Tip #1: Debunking List Management 

In this special blog series, we will discuss effective ways you can optimize direct mail programs in a post-pandemic world and beyond.

Direct mail is known to be an efficient and engaging channel that helps retain and acquire donors in the fundraising world. But has coronavirus changed its credibility?

The answer may pleasantly surprise you. According to the USPS Market Research and Insights Report, 65% of those surveyed stated that receiving mail lifts their spirits, with 54% of respondents stating that mail helped them feel more connected.

You may be thinking, “Great! Sign me up.” But it’s a little more complicated than that.

In our internal May 2020 BCG Connect client survey, 100% of respondents described their organizations as understaffed. Additionally, 99% of respondents indicated that they do not have the time or resources to focus on fundraising campaigns to their desired extent.

At the best of times, fundraising campaigns require careful planning and copious amounts of attention and detail orientation to yield results. The most successful direct mail campaigns are the ones that are the most highly targeted. In order to develop a customized, engaging direct mail piece, you have to perfect one key element: proper list management. List management can single-handedly make or break your campaign.

The good news is that direct mail is resonating with donors and prospects. The bad news is that many organizations are overwhelmed and understaffed. So, what action should organizations take to run a highly targeted direct mail campaign without straining their already limited resources?

The answer: outsourcing. Utilizing a partner who understands the intricacies of list management can ease the stress of your campaign, increase your bandwidth, and help you meet your fundraising goals.

Direct mail is reaching audiences in meaningful ways during these unprecedented times. It’s more important now than ever to analyze your list in order to optimize it and run a profitable campaign.

What do you think about our first tip in this “Optimizing Direct Mail Programs: Post-Pandemic and Beyond” series? We’d love to hear your feedback. Click here to leave us a comment.


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2 = USPS Market Research and Insights