Understanding Informed Delivery

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With Informed Delivery service, you can digitally preview your incoming mail. You can manage your packages from a computer, tablet or mobile device via email or a USPS dashboard.

Increase Your ROI

During mail sorting, USPS® digitally images the address side of every letter-size mail piece that runs through automation equipment. USPS uses these images to provide digital notifications with gray-scale images. Users receive images of their mail in an email or posted to their USPS dashboard before the delivery of physical mail.

Below is an image from the dashboard.

Informed Delivery Dashboard


Over 44 million customers have enrolled since they launched it in 2017.

In addition, the USPS “Informed Delivery offers business mailers the opportunity to engage users through an integrated mail and digital marketing campaign that generates additional consumer impressions, interactions, and insights.”

You can do these two ways. Replacing the gray-scale image with a “Representative Image” of the mailer and including a “Ride-along” image. The representative image is not clickable or interactive, however, the ride-along image is and contains a call to action. Regardless of the images, a single target URL is required to conduct an interactive campaign.

Informed Delivery Ride Along


How Can You Improve Your Direct Marketing Efforts?

As a fundraiser, sending out appeals and other communication with additional digital components can only enhance your overall campaign visibility.

The bonus it is free from the USPS.

Below is how one of BCG Connect’s clients used this digital platform within a recent campaign:

BCG Connect Informed Delivery

Result: Using Informed Delivery drove additional clicks to our client’s website and allowed for further engagement with their donors and prospects.

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