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Building Partnerships for Greater Impact

There is a famous African proverb that says, “if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.” Creating partnerships with trusted organizations and peers can help nonprofit organizations go further and have a more lasting, sustainable impact.

11 Reasons Direct Mail works for Nonprofits

We have heard it all. And we think direct mail gets a bad rap. Long considered “junk mail” direct mail is seeing a new revival with the onslaught of emails sent to your inbox every day. That’s why we’re making the case with these 11 statistics. There are articles out there stating why it’s making […]

Self-mailer vs. a Letter: Why choose?

Ahh, the infamous question: self-mailers vs. letters for your next appeal? Self Mailers vs Letters – Which is best for you? Direct mail formats should be more strategic than just following personal preferences. Meanwhile, it’s visible, it’s direct, and it gets noticed. The direct mail format is a key component of your direct mail campaign. […]

Data Management: Empowering Communications

That’s a bold statement: “empower your communications through data management.” After all, data management is the process of organizing and structuring data in a way that it is easily searchable and useable. While it isn’t always the most interesting task of an individual’s job, it is very important to format your data so that you […]

5 Statistics to guide your direct marketing planning

Maybe a list of direct mail statistics is all you’re looking for. But wouldn’t it help to have the reasoning behind the statistics, too? First, direct mail marketing is an old school marketing technique that has been around for decades and it is still one of the most effective ways to reach out to your […]

Informed Delivery and the new USPS Experience

If you ever thought they restricted the USPS only to your mailbox, you’re in for a surprise. Meet Informed Delivery. It’s a free service that uses machine learning to deliver small snippets of actual mail inside your inbox. You get the digital version before the actual version of mail. What’s even better is that with […]

7 Ways to Integrate Digital Marketing with Direct Mail

Digital media plays a key role for fundraisers in targeting their donors. For example, integrating social posts along with email, they can hit donors multiple times on different platforms. But don’t stop your direct mail campaign! Direct mail also continues to evolve with emerging technologies. In this post, we share the importance of integrating your […]

The Mighty QR Code Gives Appeals a Lift

What exactly are QR Codes? How do they work and what’s the best way to use them? QR codes are a type of barcode that a smartphone can scan. They are used to store information and links in the form of text, images, or videos. This makes them an efficient way to communicate with your […]