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Spotlight: Bentley University’s Philanthropy Week

#bentleygives Bentley created a week of on-campus activities, all centered on philanthropy. For 2015, this week of events was creatively branded with the slogan, “Bentley Runs on Philanthropy,” a spinoff of the Dunkin’ Donuts “America Runs on Dunkin’” slogan. This played well into the week’s events, which were full of coffee and running. Above: Branding […]

Data Visualization

Data is abuzz in the fundraising world right now. We oftentimes have the data at our fingertips, but how to use it properly is the trick. What’s the key to this trick? We were curious too, so our team watched The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s fundraising webinar on Data Visualization. Here’s some quick tips we took […]

Why We Click – The Psychology Behind Email Marketing

There’s a simple psychology behind a great call to action, especially when it comes to email marketing. Increase your “clicks” with these simple email tips: Color Matters: Use ORANGE to encourage immediate action, or BLUE to build trust and security. Use 1st Person Perspective When Writing: One recent study found that there was a 90% […]

The Current Environment of Annual Giving

Recently, the BCG team attended CASE’s Senior Annual Giving Conference, and we want to share some great information we learned on the current fundraising climate, donor retention, acquisition, reactivation, and who to target and when. 5 things you should know: Today, 60% of all schools are making 2 or more asks per year and have […]

Boost Alumni Participation and Raise Money – Quickly

Rally Day is Noble and Greenough School’s giving day. Like many schools looking to improve young alumni participation, Nobles designates one day a year to giving. Rally Day takes over the school’s Instagram, Twitter feed, Facebook page and campus grounds, as students display their school pride and thanks for giving with signs and t-shirts, while […]