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8 Trends to Spring Your Annual Fund Marketing Forward

There’s something intricate about annual fund marketing – especially if you want to go beyond the basics of annual giving and create actionable strategies that will help you expand your program for long-term success. It’s our goal to leverage our industry knowledge when working with clients to provide them with optimal marketing solutions for their […]

7 Ways to Build a Monthly Giving Program

With 2017 underway, you may be setting goals and developing new ideas – ideas that could lead to the next pivotal initiative for your school or organization. For many fundraising departments, this means tackling a longstanding challenge: transforming donors (or alumni) who give once or twice annually into consistent monthly contributors. The most common solution […]

‘Tis the Season to Ensure a Successful Fiscal Year

Give Your Organization the Gift of Revaluation and Retooling December means many things to many people, companies and organizations. Besides the obvious realization that the holiday season is in full gear and the upcoming New Year is just weeks away, to many December marks the midway point of their fiscal year. That fact could and […]

BCG Names Dan Noonan Vice President of Business Development

BCG has named Dan Noonan as Vice President of Business Development. Noonan will be responsible for leading BCG’s sales team and working with the marketing team in order to align sales and marketing goals. Dan Noonan started with BCG more than a decade ago. Since joining BCG in 2005, he’s served as a consultative partner […]

Keep Your Donors – You Earned Them

Welcome to July—a new fiscal year for many organizations, and with that comes new fundraising goals. Wait, what is that? You still need to close out last year? And you feel overwhelmed doing both at the same time? I get it! That’s a lot to manage at once. Don’t freak out! Just like I walked […]

How Do You Show Impact?

One of the questions that gets passed around within the nonprofit development world is: how do you convert a non-donor to a donor? And the answer that is commonly floated is: show the impact of their gift. I know what you’re thinking: But that seems so abstract. And time consuming. How do you show the […]

Possibility Is In The Air

The weather is warmer than ever, it’s light out earlier, and before we know it, the first day of spring will be here. Everything feels fresh and new once the weather is warm enough to not wear a coat out of the house in the morning. Don’t you agree? It feels like possibility is in […]

5 Fundraising Appeal Letter Hacks

Add some muscle to your next appeal letter to help it stand out in a crowded mailbox. During the holiday season, everything that comes into your mailbox, from bills to credit card offers, are adorned in festive colors and glitter. So, it helps to add something special to an appeal letter to ensure that it […]

School Challenges Unite Alumni & Friends

 School Challenges are one of the best ways to boost alumni participation quickly. Regis College ran a successful school challenge after receiving a generous pledge to the annual fund of $25,000. A Regis couple asked their fellow alumni and friends to rise to the school challenge and make 600 gifts to Regis by the end […]